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LEED Platinum

LEED is a standard known in the construction industry and is starting to gain recognition with homeowners and renters. LEED Platinum is the highest standard for energy efficiency, green power and sustainability and rare with fewer than 1200 LEED Platinum residential buildings in the US (and only 51 residential buildings in New York).  


The Tilley Lofts feature a specialized heating and cooling system that reduces the MTCDE (Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) of the building by roughly 55% compared to the standard construction technique of gas furnaces, air conditioner systems, electric hot waters, and low value insulation systems.


The Tilley Lofts will use 165 MTCDE fewer on annual basis through its innovative green energy system and LEED platinum design. This is an enormous savings with an great impact on the environment for the size of the project, eliminating the need to burn 177,229 pounds of coal every year. Over ten years, the positive impact on the environment is equivalent to eliminating the effect of 3,928,517 miles driven by an average passenger car. 



The energy Tilley Lofts saves is equal to one shovel full of
coal every 20 minutes which is 88 tons of coal burned a year

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