Green Energy, Energy Efficiency,
and Sustainability


The Tilley Lofts uses the latest in green energy and building sustainability

techniques combined with the developer’s unique experience in construction

and technology to make a truly game changing apartment project.


Achieving LEED Platinum status is the highest level a building can attain, often times only attainable at a very high cost, making the project and rental rates too costly. The team on the Tilley Lofts achieved this status while keeping the apartment’s rental rates very reasonable.


Utilizing a Combined Heat & Power Unit, electricity is generated on-site, eliminating the costly losses from the electric distribution grid. Additionally, a majority of the waste heat of the CHP system is captured to generate more electricity, all domestic hot water, and supplement the geo-thermal system that is used for the building’s heating and cooling system. Finally, a solar panel system is available to help with the building’s peak demand.


From a sustainability standpoint, all the walls and ceiling have very high insulation values with low air infiltration construction details to minimize heating and cooling loads while maximizing comfort. All lighting is CFL or LEDs and all appliances are energy star rated. The Tilley Lofts are New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes – the environmental choice that provides energy saving without compromising quality or comfort.

Solar Panels
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The Tilley Lofts: a better way to live


Certified Homes can
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