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The Next Generation
of Apartment Living


New York Energy Star Certified Homes Program

The Tilley Lofts represents the next generation of apartment living:


Sustainable living: Housing is one of the main uses of energy in the US and a significant contributor to pollution and harm to environment. By utilizing smart, advanced building techniques, developers can significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint and save money.


Historic preservation: Instead of demolishing old buildings, spending the time and energy to repurpose spaces as a vibrant new project has a positive impact on the neighborhood.


Convenience: Today’s apartment seekers choose to live in apartments for convenience, flexibility and the most modern amenities. Through our apartment design, loft spaces, refinished hardwood floors and our “all-in living” package, the Tilley Lofts are a very easy and comfortable place to live. 

About the Tilley Lofts
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The Tilley Lofts features 62 upscale apartments in a quiet neighborhood. The one and two bedroom apartments range in size from 750 sqft to 1050 sqft and the lofts range from 1400 sqft to 1600 sqft in size. The apartments feature hardwood floors, ceramic tile, heating, air conditioning and loft style living with large windows. The building has a LEED platinum rating which is the highest rating in energy efficiency and sustainability. 

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